Of dinner and comedians

Plastic tables everywhere
Plastic chairs arranged around each table …blue white green red…..a kaleidoscope of colours…different colors
As different ad the people seated on them
# leadersclub Dar es Salam
Not grandiose. . .indeed it will not compare with the ambiance of the Ramada or Hyatt Kempinski or Hilton

No….it’s roof is vast ….natural. ..the leafy foliage of the old mango and mwarubaini tree…..the clear Dar sky is visible through the branches interspaced with the round smooth green mangoes hanging low from the branches

I look up smiling at the stars above and i float as am carried away by the soft banter around the table
I am in the company of some of the very well known artists and stars and Tanzania
The humble sorroundings belie their status

A comedian has everyone one in stitches
Some of the jokes told in the deepest of kiswahili go over my head but the look on his face as he delivers them have in stitches

Another star reaches up and pats her red/brown weave…to reduce the itch… I marvel that one can take the heat of Dar on the head….all in the name of beauty she says

The comedian reaches abruptly and grabs the weave
the lady shreaks in horror and firmly plants the weave back on her head

The group shreaks in laughter
Despite myself I join in the laughter

And the food arrives
Succulent tender chicken roasted in lemon and herbs and onions
Golden bananas delicately roasted
the aroma wafts up and mingles with the gently swaying mango leaves and joins the stars above

The banter around the table dies as each of our attention is riveted to the food
I bite into a banana and i swear I am back in my childhood popping bananas onto the fire under the boiling pot of githeri

The comedian belches loudly
The actress smacks him playfully on the back
I smile and wipe my fingers as I reach for another banana



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