This love….

Aimless chatter in my mind
Driving through the streets of Dar to the airport
Am listening to classic rhumba music from the car stereo
It’s dark outside yet my mind is lucid

I have this feeling of space and light and clarity and my mind is outside the vehicle
Running free unrestrained….nothing really matters
My mind soars aimlessly above the moving vehicle
The two occupants deeply lost in their thoughts
Every so often….singing along to the romantic ballads from the stereo
Every so often they steal glances at each other and smile..

Secret smiles. They seem to inhabit their own world….a world where they define the rules of happiness
Their fingers laced together form a Web that seems to want to lock me out…

In my mind I silently break the bond
I Want to be part of the secret
I want to share in their little perfect world

The fingers let go
She silently caresses his hand as it rests on the  steering wheel
For a short while I am part of that world
I feel the strange emotion they share….is that it? Is that love…..this indescribable formless feeling that even the two do not seem to fathom
It is in the silent smiles
In the laced hands
In the gentle caresses that fleet over our faces, bodies

I sigh
The laced hands again….am out..
My mind formlessly floats out again
I look at the side of the road
In the dirty trench
Brown water from yesterday’s downpour….today’s someones ablutions
I disturb someone taking a bath
Their dark skin gleams in the morning light

I think he feels my minds presence
He looks up briefly and seems to look straight at me
I smile….. cheeky
He cannot see me
I float back to the vehicle
To the soft music to the scene of the eternal dance of love

I see the airport gates with regret
I will miss many things about Dar
But more than anything I will miss the small part of my heart that I leave behind



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