To love or not to love

To love is to risk lose and pain
Yet what better way to hurt to pain than when you love

Good morning  love
To have your face as the last thing on my mind as I go to sleep
I awaken to your  beautiful words penned while I slumber and my world is perfect again
I lie in bed I see the sun I feel the wind on my skin your fingers lightly stroke my  face and life is now more than just waking and falling asleep
Life is now to be enjoyed in all its cycles
Now I want to stay awake and be with you
I want to lie in your arms and read a book or just listen to the beat of your heart as we share a song a story or just comfortable silence
I don’t want to sleep
I want to make up for time past for moments lost
Catch the time as it timelessly floats away
And when sleep truly stills my moving eyes; dulls my mind and takes me away
I want to wake up to sweet words from your heart penned to me across the oceans and the mountains
The words warm my heart
my dream too is to fall asleep in your arms; dance together in our dreams and wake up with a smile on my face as I luxuriously stretch myself and refuse to open my eyes
To do so would mean sharing you
With the light
With the world
I love you
I miss you more than I ever imagined



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