Easter….my mom’s version

Easter with my mother. I can’t remember what we did over easter. Perhaps nothing remarkable but we must have gone to church…I don’t remember but I grew up Catholic and there must have been a service on good Friday.

Perhaps I don’t remember because my life growing up was quite amazing. It had to be…with sisters and brothers who up to today crack you up….Yeah life was amazing. Like the family matador!!

She knows herself. You see when God blesses you with 11 amazing and brilliant kids, you can be forgiven for play acting different scenes with them…if there were cellphones my mom would have the most amazing videos!

On this day our Cow Nyange( or was it Eunice – yeah they had names like that) broke the shed and ran out

My mum runs after the Cow with a huge stick and asks my matador Sister to stand guard at the small gate separating the homestead from the maize shamba

My sister dutifully stands at the gate a small stick in hand.  She swears she was determined to stop the cow should it be minded to run towards the farm

Now my sister was small in age and body frame. I really don’t know how she expected to stop the cow but she stood there with a determined look on her face as the cow came bearing down at her…..the cow raised its head at the sight of the barrier that stood between her and the green maize beyond

My sister swears the Cow saw her ……my theory is that my matador Sister was like a spec in the way of the huge brown cow…it did not see her

My sister raised her small stick. The Cow will stop…she is sure…but the Brown mass bears down on her undeterred by her or the stick

The cow stares at my sis…   my sis stares back…my mum is sure her daughter will subdue the beast so she slows down

As I said…my mum was blessed with brilliant kids.. and none of us have suicidal tendencies. …so at the last minute…that moment when perhaps the small stick would have stopped the cow…my matador Sister easily sidesteps the Cow.

The cow happily sails through the gate to the farm beyond

My mom swears as only she could (my mom could swear)as she increases her speed after the errant Cow

She stops long enough to deliver a resounding  blow of the thick cane she carries on my poor sisters thin back

Anyway am sure being mom and all she knew just how to deliver the blow without causing permanent damage. But I think not…I think being a mom sometimes you act and think later. My sister says the stick left a welt that lasted a whole week on her back.

Am told my mom found the whole thing very funny  and doubled over in laughter as she retold it to everyone around the fire in the evening

I don’t remember the story…that and many Easters that am sure I spent at home

I have this feeling that being number 10 out of 11 I missed out on many family fun days like the metador one and Easters. It’s almost as if by the time I sauntered into this world my mum and siblings had been there and done that


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