Smoke in my eyes 

There is the new Chanel perfume “Noir”. The lady who introduced me to it told me it’s for women who want to tell the world “I know who I am and for lack of better words – to hell with what you think about me”. I still prefer my “coco chanel mademoiselle ” now that’s one perfume every woman over 40 should have in their closet.Combine that with a red power suit and you are ready for a powerful boadroom meeting…

Back to Noir. .it’s in a black bottle ……am still trying to place it’s scent….

Anyway this morning I put it on and was feeling quite the woman that I am…..

Then this afternoon I sat round a bonfire with thick billowing smoke…..the smell of wood burning hangs thickly on my expensive winter jacket. The sweet authentic smell of wood smoke has taken me back to my childhood days sitting round a kitchen fire in the slopes of Mt Kenya….I feel such a commune with the smoke and the mountain that I know for sure the woman I am today with my expensive chanel scent; red power suit and expensive emerald green winter jacket is thanks to the authentic smell of burning wood many years ago… wondering perhaps the chanel “noir” has woody undertones…..


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