Notes to mama

Notes to mama
Its late at night the darkness is so dark it seems dark blue
The night is chilly….the cold raining down in a thin drizzle that penetrates deep into her bones
She shivers and pulls her dark cloak protectively over her thin frame
She grimaces as her delicate fingers….long talons painted dark purple dig into her bony ribs as she tries unsuccessfully to keep warm…
She sits on her porch…
The house behind her cold and uninviting…
She stares at the darkness….opens her eyes wide.. perhaps that way the darkness and gloom of the night that threatens to engulf her soul will lighten…
In the darkness she sees two headlamps and her heart skips a beat….she leans forward…her excitement growing….he is here….my love is here…
Finally a warm body to keep her company
To warm her cold heart and some adult conversation
The lights disappear down the road and the darkness descends once more
This time heavier..
Try as she might to lighten it, her mood darkens
The only light comes from the phone on her lap as the message comes in
“Honey I will not make it tonight”
The cold thin drizzle mingles with her tears as they fall on the screen of her expensive phone..  the present he brought the last time he could not come home
She drags herself back into the darkness of the house and curls herself on the sofa
Is it too late to call mama?
Her tears are warm now as they slide down her cheeks as mama answers the phone..  and embraces her with the love in her voice…


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