Big sisters

I doubt my big sisters had toys or dolls…
No in fact they did not…..there were very many life size dolls to play with
Now if you are 8 girls and the last girl is like 5 or 10 years younger than you; you can be forgiven for turning her either into a bouncy ball….as with the case of my sister Mary Muthomi deciding to drop me on my head to see how well I would bounce. ….I didn’t bounce…..I hit the floor hear first….she claims that shook my brain and made me bright!!!

But my sis Silvia. …..
Well it only occurred to me later on that I was her guinea pig for a lot of things
Now you must understand
I love and totally trust my sisters
If they say jump even now I will start to jump before I ask why we are jumping
My sis Silvia also ran a tight entertainment calendar
She was popular and she could dance like no other
Neither my mum nor a school principal could stand between her and her fun
It seems not even a small sister that your mother decides to tie you down with for  a full day
So this day it’s just me and my sis Silvia Wangai at home.
She has fed me and cleaned me but the chatter box that I am; i refuse to sleep or even shut up!

“The pig has broken the padock”
Silvia shouts at me and pushes me towards the house
“You know pigs eat small kids; she tells me and I panic and I run with her
I did not think to check if the pig was charging at us…
My knees turn to jelly and she picks me up effortlessly  (I was thin those days) and we run into one of the rooms
There is a big omo box with my mother supplies that she quickly empties
She places me inside the box and covers the flaps
I must never get out till she comes back after she apprehends the pig, she warns me.
I cow shaking inside the box
My sis says she must also lock the door incase the pig comes and bangs it open.

Am glad to have such a brave sister
I pray the pig does not eat her but am comforted by the fact that she is big and can run fast  (my sister has floored a man in the village when she bumped into him in the darkness as she ran home- but that’s a story for another day..

I must have fallen asleep because the next time I opened my eyes my sister was bending over me and lifting me out of the box and it looked dark outside
She told me she locked up the pig and that I must not worry our mom by telling her of our troubles with the pig

What a brave sister !!
But thinking back I now think my sis played me and kept me in a carton for several hours to get me off her back

With thin kid sisters who fit in boxes who needs barbie dolls
I miss my sis


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