The sculpture

She has done a fine curving
Etching every detail of his head and hands  on the forever stone that is her heart

The perfect features made even more perfect for they are etched with patience
The wavy dark hair finely chiseled on his head and coloured black
The beard nicely shaped gives character to his face..
She has chiseled the high cheekbones
With a faint dimple….
They seem to give him a permanent smile
It’s as if he has this secret joke against the world
His teeth…..
Had they been perfectly aligned would have lost their beauty
The slight misalignment visible through the slightly parted lips on the sculpture give the face a particular beauty….it is almost as if nature had to balance his beauty…….
His hands are the most arresting….almost a contradiction
Soft and finely shaped
Their strength obvious
She has immortalised every detail of his existence in that one sculpture
The love she has for him visible in the detail of the sculpture
Welcome to the world museum of Art
Where we make art as we live in our every day acts…..sculpture your memories in the canvas that is your heart


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