I chose roses

​What an amazing day… 

My children making major milestones in their lives. . ….

What an amazing life I have had……it’s been a bed of roses….i have experienced the sweetness and beauty of the flower and tasted too the prick of the thorn….what utter bliss this journey is turning out to be

On days like these when your blessings overflow and when you feel such alignment with the power that is the universe you realise that in life there are no mistakes 
Life is about taking one of two options that is the possibility of your existence at any given time….and when you go through life experiences…..
Even when the thorns are longer than the rose  petals just remember:
 that is just one option

One possibility out of two that already exist and is possible in your life

In taking either of the two options you have not made any mistakes 

For your life is never a mistake 

It’s about choices and every choice is much an option as the other 

And none of the options are wrong until they come to pass in your life and you give them a tag

See the rose petals and the thorns

Both are possible options in any rose bush….
You chose !!!
And you can have both like me…the petals and the thorns…on a day like this I have a bouquet!


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