The predators

My promised novel/musings progressing well….below is a snippet…
Melancholy …..the waiting game….
She is watching NatGeo …..the predators and scavengers. The weather outside her window as gloomy as her mood. Dark low hanging clouds. The cold seeping into her bones where she has curled herself on the couch. She pulls the blanket closely around her. Trying to fend off the cold and keep the gloom from enveloping her.
The house is quiet except for the noise from the TV.
She watches as the lions and leopards majestically with a sense of purpose prance around the park.
There is a bounce to their step. They hunt with a sense of entitlement. Their shadows in the dim light have a swagger to them.
The hyenas on the other hand….the scavengers lurk in the shadows…
They dare not announce their presence. They hide, almost as if ashamed to be there. There’s is a life lived in the shadows.
They dare not prance around nor can they announce their presence.
Their gait when they scamper from one bush to the next is hesitant…shy….uncertain. They dare not show their faces in daylight. Nor can they lay any claim to the hunt or the spoils.
They will sneak out after everyone has had their say….they appear at night….or when no one is looking…
They wait nervously. For the lions and leopards to finish at the table…for it is only then they can quickly dash in and scavenge on the remains.
The hyena laughs nervously…almost like a mad man laughing at his own joke. …
She screams silently as the lion pounces on a buffalo. A big fight this is going to be….
The hyenas bares it’s teeth in a semblance of a smile…..
What a night to scavenge!
The spoils will be huge….
She smiles and tucks the blanket around her….she waits….patiently …hers is a life of waiting….
Soon it will be her turn to scavenge but first the lions are entitled to the first spoils of the hunt….
Thus is the life of the other person….(woman/man) in people’s lives..


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