I wonder what I will dream tonight
I wonder what I would see if I could rise above my bed
Be the observer for the night. Watch myself sleep.
What emotions will play across my face… as my eyelids flutter…the light flickering behind my closed eyes.
Is that a smile….mmm I wonder what I am thinking.. What’s causing the beautiful smile…what warm fuzzy thoughts…

Then the frown….no not the frown
What impossible dreams must I chase even in my sleep to find myself wanting
To want more
To reach for more
To be insufficient even in my dreams!

I stretch my hand towards the impossible
I watch as the door closes behind impossible dreams
A tear runs down my sleeping face
Ooh it was not meant to be
It was but a dream
A fleeting dream….
I smile
I shall awaken
And it will be behind me
The impossible will be possible when I awake…
Ohhh to dream . . . tonight… of the possible


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