Big word to wrap my head leave alone my tongue around it. I wake up from this deep slumber with an epiphany….with the word on my tongue and in my mind
Am not sure that I was really asleep or awake just that there is this stark clarity almost an out of body experience.
I grew up Catholic so I knew what the word means in the religious sense…but I don’t think I had a visitation as I slept….or perhaps I did…

But the enormity of the word and its meaning in my life
The realization….no actually the acceptance of the grandeur of the things to come in my life….as if in this visitation I was shown the life that is mine to chose…..life of abundance and non judgement and acceptance…
And I woke up with this feeling of ..mmmm i have lived it all before…and I had the option to live…both extremes..and I chose one extreme…

I chose ego….impunity of youth …..and class and status

So I had thought I needed to forgive those that my ego assured me have hurt me…

But the epiphany reminded me of the need to forgive myself
To be gentle with myself
For having sold myself short
Having handed myself the short end of the stick
So the grandeur to come ….the promise is in the choices I make from now on…
To deliberately chose the best from my heart and not my ego.

Am human
I will fail many times but the beauty is in waking up every morning knowing no matter how many times I fall the best is yet to come
That’s my epiphany
I wish you yours tonight


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