The jogger

So I went jogging today at Jaffrey’s and my mind kept wandering ….I always imagine myself in a mask…..a silent observer….
I have had this feeling…surreal feeling of being on a stage with a script.
So at one point I observed the runners and joggers and the posers(those who sit on the benches and look as if they are burning more calories than all of us put together)
I wondered what script ran in their mind…for example is there the right gait for walking?….I wondered as for the second time this gentleman passed me literally matching as if in the military. I expected him to salute at any time…
Then this lady swishing past me….jogging backwards….okay really….did she get the script backwards or does she always run against the grain……mmmmm.
It’s hard enough to try running forward…..really it is. I have tried….that’s why I have decided to just walk….and day dream…

I wonder what goes on in the mind of a jogger…..for example….there is this impossibly slim lady with a small backpack and earphones plugged in her ears who effortlessly rounds me like 15times….
I wonder what pursues her….does she see sack fulls of fat and blubber chasing her…as I sometimes do in my fertile mind?….no she is too slim for that…..or she is the pacemaker sent by God to taunt us mere mortals.

I then notice the attires….do we ever read the writings on the T shirts we wear….no don’t guess…mine is plain….but I smile at a woman who has just passed…
“All a man needs” is boldly printed on her back
“As good as it gets” proclaims male jogger
“The Marathoners savings account ”
“Every child is worth saving”

You see we all come for different reasons….
We do our thing….there is no right or wrong….I doubt anyone judges you….
And don’t worry I think am the only nutcase who is analysing people instead of running
That too is okay
My brain gets exercise
I smile and walk faster.
This evening walk clears my mind….


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