The river Nymph

Come with me to the river
Come experience the life of the river nymphs; of the sirens that legend has sings and draws many unsuspecting men and women to the bowels of the river.

Do you see it?
Right between the two dark tree trunks…see the green glittering serpent as it winds it’s way….forever moving. ….

See how calm it is….the dark waters defying the turbulence and speed of the undercurrent..
Come closer to the river with me…see the green vegetation….the smooth arrowroot leaves…deep green…..the brown veins crisscross it’s smooth surface
See how the dew from the water glitters on the surface. ..the drops slowly trickling back into the smooth darkness of the river.

You see this smooth dark Stone?
Come sit next to me…watch your step….the smoothness of the peebles you step on defy the slippery essence and the depth that is the river…

Sit right there…and close your eyes…
Dangle first one and then the other leg into the depth of the river

Feel how cool and smooth the waters of Maara river are..
Wriggle your toes….
Do you hear them….in your mind?
Do you see the children….close your eyes and see their brown nimble bodies ….glittering in the sun….see the droplets from the river like jewels on their taught bodies …like silver pieces in their black hair….
Join me by the river….drink from my cupped hands….the tangy crispy cool water from Maara river


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