a wedding and a funeral

I am going for a funeral
Funerals always make one take stock of one’s life
The gentleman we are escorting is a well known and respected teacher
The service is held under the sun
Several tents white in color dot the field
Large trees provide even better
Large crowd of people
I have spotted several important public figures
A special request is made
An important public figure must speak now
Interrupt the program so we get to hear the words of wisdom from our leader who must leave now to go build the nation…I am shaking my head…protocol is not my strong point…..
There is a commotion
Hooting and people stand on their sits….there is heckling whistling….and cries of BABA disrupt the somber mood….
A parade is held…in the honor of the death?
No all for BABA I should have dressed differently….I should have come prepared for drama and dancing…I hope the widow gets the joke…I do not!

So am a little sad…..did he know that his funeral would be arena for political gimmicks and rhetoric? I wonder… does one get to know or anticipate their last moments ..  did you go on holiday…did you quarrel about money…. did you exchange sweet words with loved ones….
Did you go with a smile or a frown on your face… I would like to do a list of those to speak at my funeral
Heck I will do my eurogy!

I always wonder if the departed soul comes for the service
I will want to come back
I will want to hover above everyone and observe how am feted in my last journey
I will not be sad as I hover there…if I could I would like to make people laugh ….smile….remember the happy times….the way i laugh…..the way i am hopeless in figures (Mary knows)…….I think the somber looks on people’s face would make me burst out laughing.. yeah…..that laugh! That’s me….it’s not ghostly it’s friendly…..but don’t look too serious….don’t be too somber in your dressing….bring color and light. ..yes light I think light is a great part of the next life and if the microphone breaks….that’s me…I don’t like your speech or you have overstayed your welcome

Of course the rational part of me wants to cry
I feel sad
The people around me are sad
Is that not the irony of life

In the next field there is a wedding
Yeah I know….. two families
One a wedding …..one a funeral
One excited to start a family the next mourning the passing of a father
So our somber dressing and our vehicles draped in red compete with the colourfully decorated bridal party cars…

Women and girls in their finery….bright coloured clothes…
The bride in fine white dress the groom in a brown suit and pink shirt….proudly drapes the white train round his neck a woman does a jig of happiness but I am unable to smile ….I am with this other crowd… I am coming for the funeral not the wedding
And even as my heart rejoices with the newly weds and does a jig of happiness;
I must be sad
I must not smile….
Perhaps I should do both. ..
Perhaps join politics and get to dominate weddings and funerals with a smile..never sad


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