Adult learner

Musings of adult learners:

I count six grey heads out of 14 bob up and down around the black mahogany table that is our classroom
The discussion is on macro-meso-micro economics
From afar they look like sagely nods of understanding
The teacher a respectable expert from a renowned European University Drones on least perturbed by the nodding heads and eyes gently shut….in total concentration.

I am wide awake……seated on my brown locker in Alliance Girls ….two hours of History on a Friday afternoon…the drafters of the class time table had in their wisdom put two hours of macro-meso-micro economics on a Friday afternoon too…

I love History….and so does my class teacher Mrs K….and as she walks into the class my heart soars in anticipation
Today we are studying where different Kenyan tribes originated… (my old soul feels the connection…it does a small dance of anticipation )
My book is open in front of me; my kilometric pen (who designed round slippery biros for students! My handwriting has never recovered…) poised to capture every detail.

Am ready to finally understand the History of the Luo…
My teacher (have I mentioned I totally love her..I feel she has an old soul like mine….we both love history….)
Mrs K tells us of the three Luo Families….Joka Jok; Jo K’Owiny and….Jok……and my teacher gently fades away….as she falls asleep on her chair. …she snores gently .. …

Am heart broken….I wonder what the third Jok……i turn to my desk mate. …perhaps she knows
But she too has gently nodded off…I count 25 out 35 dark heads in cornrows….they too nod up and down to the soft snores of my teacher…I assume they nod in understanding…and I wonder why I don’t feel so wise….perhaps that’s why I don’t nod.
Three weeks later… my teacher calls us to the front to receive the results of our continuous assessment test
I happily show my friend my score….49/50 I can’t imagine how I lost that one mark!!! That third JOK!!!

My friend slowly opens her paper 30/50
Sadly she too never got to hear any of the names of the Luo Families…
In her answers she has
Jok Kopiyo; Jok otieno and Jok Onyango…
It dawns on me that the gently bobbing dark heads were not in understanding…my class had gone to sleep
I am wide awake….my neighbor snores gently and i smile around the table black mahogany table…
My black leather notebook blank page and my tightly closed parker pen…testimony to my blank mind…micro-meso-macro what?

Now 8 out of 14 heads bob up and down as a sigh gently and allow my head to join in the dance of understanding….up and down my dark head goes…
Safely there is no (CAT) at the end of this course…


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