african beat

Yap am airborne again
It is a bumpy ascent from the tiny Ukunda airstrip. ..the small plane sways in the wind….the ocean below gleams blue and inviting…am sad to leave
The blue expanse of water refuses to let my soul go

So am in this small plane. …my seat mate tightly grips a rosary his eyes closed his lips moving
I suspect I know where he is….he probably has made peace with his maker…I imagine he can see the golden pearly gates…the street of heaven paved in gold.. (that’s the image of heaven I have had for the longest time)…now it’s more blue and peaceful…sometimes colourless.

But my soul refuses to succumb to the fear that I feel emanating from the next seat. .
I look down into the Blue ocean and am back to the beach….
It’s dark….the makuti structure dimly lit..
The coconut trees gently sway in the wind…..
The waves softly lapping around my ankles
Am in heaven…….thrumming music pours out onto the beach…I don’t really know the song.. ..but the bodies on the floor gyrate endlessly…..the beauty of the soul….one song ….different movements…I smile….the beat changes
Pale feet…..bodies jerking to rhythm unknown
Dark feet stamp rhythmically…..waists gyrate in time to the beats of “Dorobucci”

My body has a mind of its own….the African beat…..speaks to my soul…
The soft sand caress my feet….the wind softly whispers sweet nothings in my ear…I stamp my feet; gyrate my waist in time to the beat and join the strange communion of souls on the rough dance floor….
The disco lights cast strange shadows on the floor..

Twerky, jerky uncoordinated movements of pale legs easily blend with the more rythimic stamps and twerks of their darker cousins
I imagine our souls …..peering through our eyes … green eyes…blue eyes…brown eyes …dark eyes…and I marvel at the colour of the eyes of our soul….
As the music carries me away….I don’t see any color….everything has taken on the blue hue of the ocean…and the music waves from the large speakers weaves blue waves around the dancers….. the soul has no color..and it’s beat is universal

I smile and open my eyes
I am solely tempted to comfort my seat mate…..
For their is nothing to fear…even in this turbulence my soul dances to the beat of Dorobucci


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