African dance

am listening to this song “Yene Habesha” it’s Ethiopian of course….I don’t hear a single word this song bird with an Angel’s voice is saying.

She dances so nicely the shoulder shake that I so like. …Yeah I practiced the dance a few years ago in Addis and I think I got the hang of it. I was attending an Ethiopian cultural evening. The sweet melodies mingled with the tangy bitter taste of the spicy stews that were spread around the Teff Injera. I think that like the music Injera is an acquired taste.
So we are sitting on these very low seats round the injera/anjera? in the dimly lit room. The thatched roof gives it this very African look. I keep rubbing my eyes, I feel and see the smoke in my minds eye and this would have been home in my mothers kitchen were it not for the Chilli and spicy food that draws me back to the sweet music and to Ethiopia many miles away.
A group of young energetic men dressed in all white stamp and jump on the small stage
They are then joined by elegantly and regal looking young women. I swear the women had the longest necks I have ever seen. The women shake their elegant shoulders not another part of their bodies move. Every so often they raise their elegant necks. They remind me of the Crane…
When they request me to join the dance (am not very special but I think the chilli was giving me such a contorted look on my face they must have thought I was in pain) anyway whatever the reason I quickly jump on stage and join the shoulder shaking and escape death by chilli and that’s how I learnt the Northern Africa dance

The next song I hear and watch is “Woju” by kiss Daniel and flavor, Shakiti-bobo by olamide and Diamond’s “Nasema Nawe.
Now these songs!
Beautiful in their own way….but what strikes me is the difference in the dance style.
There is nothing elegant about these dances.
You see as you move to the lower and middle part of Africa, am told we are not as quiet as our nothern cousins. So we tend to be a little more violent and shaky shaky the lower part of the body.
Yeah so “sema nawe” takes the cake….the Swahili women i swear have no waist…..and why am i starving myself trying to reduce my lower body circumference!

Really i am petite compared to my Tanzanian Sisters….i think Tanzania is the widdest tip on the African map…just saying even….well am also practising that one dance and though i struggle am getting there….
Even the Gospel song by Korede Bello “my God will” demands of one to shaky the body….violently
I think even if I don’t teach myself how to shaky body ….my God will.
Have a musical day and shaky your body to the music in your head


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