Beach Party

Am driving along mombasa malindi highway Haller Park Bamburi on my left.
Note to self I should be ashamed I have never gone inside the park I hear there are beautiful animals inside

I have driven along this road many times but my most favourite moments are on Christmas and new year.

Not because the animals in the park change or get more beautiful
No because of the multitude of people walking on the right side of the road
There is always traffic so I take my time to observe the people
I am informed these are mostly people from upcountry (watu wa bara)

The first time I was told that I got offended and accused my host (coast born) of bias against watu wa bara.
So she pointed out nicely
Look at the dressing and the level of excitement
And True

I started picking them out
They walk in packs on the side walk talking excitedly and crossing the road aimlessly
I observe a family…
I know they are a family….I see four similar outfits……similar dresses….long blue and white dresses…the shiny type… is that silk or nylon
I shudder as I imagine how hot they must feel in those clothes

I unconsciously tune up the Aircon in the car
My eyes travel to the feet and i shudder
Black shiny shoes …..not patent leather….more like Chinese leather and i imagine how their feet must feel in those shoes
It is hot enough even my nice Aldo leather sandals
I would rather be walking bare feet I think to myself

At first sight I shudder to think that they have socks on…..these parents take it too far with the Christmas uniforms!

I think I would hate those uniforms today
When I was growing up when I was more adventurous and life was fun and Christmas was chapattis and chicken
My sister and I would be brought similar dresses

Mine is pink with some shiny trim at the neck
My sisters is blue with similar shiny trim… I think mine looks prettier
I tell my sis the same and she slaps me hard…I run to tell my mum
She gives me a look and i go back to fight my battles

My tears are soon forgotten
I am excited for today I got my first pair of Sandak sandals
It is red and shiny and plastic and has such beautiful patterns crisscrossing from the left to right… the smell of plastic when it is new. …mmmmm…

They form the most beautiful patterns on your feet when one walks through the brown Meru dust
The think brown dust clings to the vaseline on ones feet but the dust misses the places covered by the plastic strips

The result is beautiful light brown and dark brown patterns on the feet ….they compete with the best designer socks patterns
I love these patterns so we don’t clean our feet after church and walk around in our finery looking all pretty

I smile
I look at the families filing from the Pirate Public Beach and envy their excitement
I remember the excitement at the new uniforms we would get during these festive season and know for sure their experiences rival my Airconditioned ride as I curse the traffic on this road


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