This is how the world must have looked and felt just a day after I was born
Looking at the roof of the hospital fascinated by the patterns formed by the rafters
What better geometry than the angles formed by the rafters as they join to the ceiling

The balmy warmth of my mother must have been as warm and engulfing as the balmy coast weather
The steadying beat of her heart as I lay my head on her bosom
This intense love I feel from her
And I snuggle closer to her ….

but the lure of the world that I see through the window was more compelling
The cry of the other babies around me music to my ears …..we are all anxious to get out and see the world

The lure of the world too strong even my mother’s warmth and sense of safety could not hold me

I did everything with one eye out of the window
And so my mum reluctantly released me to the world
Who knew there would be such pain such adventure such fun in being in the world that waited for me outside that window

I have lived … I have been excited ….I have dispaired I have loved and the lure of the world is just as exciting as it was that day that I lay on the hospital bed and snuggled on my mother’s bosom and wondered how it would feel to be outside that window

So today
I look at the trees that fly past the moving vehicle
The lush green foliage
We go over a bridge and with curiosity I wonder how it will feel to be on a boat floating on that blue ocean
The ocean disappears and is replaced by more lush green vegetation

I read love poems and listen to love ballads from the stereo
I am excited to be alive
With promises of new love new challenges new pain but it’s all worth it
The life that I beheld out the window has not disappointed
Even now I cannot wait to experience it all
Thank you for making my birthday special
Each and everyone of you.
My mum I love you…
To my family Mary Muthomi Brian Murray Nigel Jesse Didi Mukami my beautiful children, rest of the kandigians, the yam seller number 1 and to you my friends may God bless you abundantly


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