blue bliss

Little glimpses of absolute bliss
Where nothing makes sense and nothing is important
That gap where even sense is not necessary
Moments when you are accountable to no one not even your incessant niggling voice that urges you on endlessly
These moments are far and in between
But when they do happen they are absolute bliss
That gap where sense is not necessary
That gap where sense is yet everything
That gap that makes sense because you define sense for yourself and it ridiculously makes no yet a lot of sense
Moments when you rise above and look down on God’s creation like the tip of Mt. KILIMANJARO visible through the clouds and you are listening to Ed Sheeran’s “Tenerife Sea” and you know there is no greater feeling than the totally falling in love with yourself and your life with absolutely no judgement. …
It makes no sense to feel nice to tower above KILIMANJARO but the bliss I feel as I do makes total sense to my restless soul


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