Cold 2

The familiar sights and sounds
The loud music blaring from kiosks
There is a special din that is Nairobi….how I missed it. My soul thrives in this confusion
Am at my best in this City….you could say am a Nairobi animal
So after a month of cold precise order in Europe I start my journey into downtown with the usual excitement and trepidation at the pit of my stomach
As I alight the cab, I quickly remove my expensive jewellery……rings chains earrings….disappear inside my Chanel bag…I smile… if I was a street thief I would be more interested in the bag than the contents…..mmmm the same could fetch a tidy sum,
My Samsung galaxy note4 quickly follows the jewellery into the bag
I clutch it tightly on my chest and start across the street my face downcast lest I attract unnecessary attention by looking up
But something compels me to look up as I reach the other side of the street…
I sneer and quickly look down…..disgusted….another lazy woman with a baby on her back….a beggar I think to myself
The thin dress she wears and dirty sweater have seen better days…they barely shield her from the biting morning cold. . she too clutches a bag….not a chanel bag
A dark bag….the color difficult to tell……I wonder to myself who the designer is..
Somehow I look up again and our eyes meet
I expect the cold calculating eyes of the common Street woman
My breath catches and I stop….her eyes are dark pool of suffering but her soul staring through those eyes….a small shiver runs down my spine..
The baby whimpers….
I did not wait for her to beg….I could see by the look in her eyes she is too proud to be a beggar
May I help you……. Yeah that’s my mouth… has a mind of its own….could not even wait to be asked….
The baby whimpers again…
Am hungry….my baby is three days and I have no milk and nowhere to go
Can you show me the children’s department?

And am back in FIDA those many years ago….I see the queues of women and children waiting to be attended and I know what to do…
Let’s get you something to eat first…then let’s talk

Two women re-cross the road….we clutch our bags….tightly against the Nairobi thieves

Mine a chanel bag I safeguard my jewellery and expensive phone…
Hers a black bag…. Hard to read the label….with her worldly possessions…

I dared to look up as I crossed the road…. something we nairobians never do and opened a Pandora box…..
Three hours later….. the baby finally asleep in her arms….soft fuzzy hair peeping from under the blanket tightly wrapped around the small body….my tea is cold…I ask the waiter to warm it for the third time and order a third drinking chocolate for the woman…’s good for lactating mothers….
As I sip my tea….it tastes like water….am not sure if I should be a doctor lawyer or counsellor to this woman
But join me in this journey as I seek to be all in the next few days…


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