Fitness bug

Am being polite
Am Pissed
I captured my rumblings yester evening
I swear I posted them and then I can’t see them

Am Pissed because I don’t know what I had written
It was the impression of a passers-by at Jaffreys
You see when I go walk I have this tendency of removing myself from the me that walks and watching detached as I and the rest of walkerholics walk….
Anyway as my body panted and sweated my brain had a ball….categorising the walkers
I hate to imagine what it categorises me as….
You see
Imagine the walkers were machines
There is this group of young athletic guys….5 of them…they run….yes run unison…step for each step…..and they talk….where do they get the breath to talk while running!
I can barely breath and am walking for heavens sake
My brain thinks of these adonis as the well oiled new state of the art German machines….

Then my favourite
This determined elderly woman with a walking stick that never touches the ground!
She shuffles religiously for an hour no less….her stick poised high
Her gait…an irregular dance
She has the most beautiful smile and at everyone
My brain thinks of her as this VW beetle
As it growls and grounds up a hill

The dances in Jaffreys differ
The rhythmic walks
The bumbling runs.. I keep expecting some to topple over…they paint a beautiful picture of 3 wheeled tuktuks

then the stretchees at the corner ….yoga divas
They defy classification
And the trainers for hire…much like mechanics
On the lookout for any machines that may stall

My favourite !!!
The sitting walkers.
A group of men and women
They sit on the benches
You find them there
You leave them there
For this group like my brain
Their eyes do the walking
They will pick a runner and follow them round and round the track with their eyes for hours
Welcome to the fitness world


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