government meetings

Government meetings
My meeting was one and half hours ago….yeah ….you guessed right. ..still waiting
I look around the small waiting room…wood panelled walls…small cubicle must be like 8 by 6 feet
The maroon red carpet wellworn in patches has seen better days ….
Several people wait patiently with us…I marvel at their patience

My head is getting hot…evidence of my Mt. Kenya slopes up bringing

Even the blue ocean visible through the window does little to calm me…

I listen to the musical intonation of the conversation going on around me…kiswahili….what a beautiful language

For a few minutes I try to follow the conversation but I give up when in one sentence I understood two words and even then I am at a loss as to what the two words could possibly mean in that particular sentence

Kiwanda. ..erycraptus (eucalyptus?) Pampa….bado haina Mapato eish…serikali. …miiko (that cannot be MWIKO. .no something about civil servants…..because I heard uma and there was no mention of a shamba….though with the mention of Cotton who knows…

My head feels hotter….
I look around the waiting room….an elegantly dressed lady
Her fine African print dress….yellow with the smallest brown flowers…the outfit hugs her African figure in just the right places

At her feet the most beautiful designer bag…my travel handbag looks drab in comparison and i self consciously tuck it under my feet…i should have carried my Celine bag…

Her phone rings….the ring tone a popular bongo song
She picks it.. ..such politeness ….I marvel

It’s short lived …she wildly gesticulating with her free hand

The golden bangles on her hand making music in the small waiting room

Her fingers bejewelled with the finest gold rings…move up and down as she emphasises points

I wonder where I can get such gold….my boredom gone I wait anxiously….

The phone call comes to an end
The polite veneer back in place
She smiles
I smile back

Samahani …I say politely
I love your jewellery…. and we launch into this discourse on best jewellers in Dar and her beautiful bag
Where has time gone
I must go in for my meeting..I say regretfully
I apologise and get up
She thanks me politely and reaches for her phone
A determined look on her face
I am glad I am not the recipient of the next call


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