Let’s all learn how to play golf
My first close encounter with the game and I am still trying to place it
You see I had this notion that golf is a game for the rich and for business people who want to talk business
I discovered it’s all that and more….
My immediate take homes on this game I intend to learn:
Of golfers….they all come in different shapes and sizes. . And all handicaps….from 36 to 1…..mostly well to do serious men (and 4 women – of the two days I only saw 4 women…..brightly dressed but impressive in their play )…

Of golfers….some fit to a fault….and many more laboriously struggling up and down the hills that are the courses….18 holes

Of caddies…..young men and women….I was pleasantly surprised to find almost equal number of young women and men caddies….physically fit young men and women who lag the heavy golf clubs for 12km and more a day….
Of caddies both women and men who I was shocked to discover are golfing experts themselves. …
“Tumia hii club, stand like this, hold the club like this…. ” they will politely say to the golfers.
Some as sharply dressed as the golfers. …one or two in impossibly long skirts….

Of a game that is either the most sexist game on earth or the most gender sensitive….the jury is still out on this one…I discovered that the rules of the game are such that women are accorded special favours….from having to tee off closer to the greens to enjoying small special favours in the club house….there is the language too….of pink outfits and pink lipstick and red painted tee off markers (scratches head….perplexed)

Of great networks and of people so disciplined on the course but ohh so free and who eat life with a big spoon when out of the course. ..

And yeah….I hit my first ball….and missed
But hit the next and made 10 yards?…
And survived the 13km 18 hole walk
Am all suited for next game
They may however need a special handicap for me….


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