i see God

When I was very little
My mother told me that God washes the sun and the moon every new year.
In my fertile mind….every new year I would wake up and lay in bed….and imagine God …this gentle giant with a smiling face and a white flowing beard
Walking on the white cottony clouds….with a white towel cleaning the sun; dusting the clouds….
I never saw God’s face
But he had this comforting presence. ..all encompassing yet gentle presence I felt safe and part of God….
I would lie awake and hope that no one would call me to go for breakfast….no one to break my special moment with God
Of course it also kept me away from the Chilly morning and the dew that attached to everything in this green village in Meru..I had everything planned .. if my mom tried to wake me up I would quip
“Am praying ”
My mom a strong Catholic woman would never interrupt prayer….she has recently told me she knew I wanted to sleep in…mothers!

So today
I sojourned with God
As the KQ flight soared above the white cottony clouds….I looked down and I saw God….
He was cleaning the clouds with the white towel just as he did when I was young
I closed my eyes as we started the descent and felt his comforting presence…
The pilots voice as he announced landing in 10 minutes was a distant distraction
The white clouds around us became thicker and I am back in my bed
In the chilly Meru village….I smell the smoke and my mothers distant voice is lulling.
I don’t want to wake up
The thud of the wheels touching the runway rudely wake me up
Welcome to cold Nairobi


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