Am anxious to land…am a little impatient to land in Kathmandu Nepal
A friend of mine has had it on their bucket list for long and I thank God I get to see it before they do….

We should have landed 25 minutes ago but the pilot says we have another seven minutes to hover….well it’s not bad …
The sun is shining and bright…it’s beautiful up here. ..
Apparently the airport is small and many planes landing…..i marvel at the differences….Qatar where we left a few hours ago….huge airport… advanced and with every modern amenity
The business lounge rivals any 6 star hotel. ..the Hamadi Transit hotel…grand by any standards

But that was the past.. where we have come from
Now we have commenced our descent to Kathmandu airport….looking at the size of the airport am rationalising my expectations of the hotel that will be home for the next few days ….eish….Anyway am learning to strengthen my gratitude attitude so I thank God for the grand experience of Qatar and open my heart to the surprise that is Nepal and the Himalayas …
I hear from my friend that if you listen keenly you may hear the spirits talk to you. ..am looking forward to the message


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