I think I am angry
No Infact I am livid…if I am not I should be
I remember seeing the sun and surely the sun rays must have caressed my skin
Yet the cold clings to me like a second skin… I must have been angry….I think
I see the children…… barefoot shirts brown with mud skipping alongside their mothers…chasing each other their dark gleaming faces open and smiling…. Is that what a smile looks like nowadays… It’s hard to remember…. I am too livid..I think…they might splatter my expensive aldo shoes with mud..
The women walk barefoot….. Gingerly balancing the waterpots on their cornrowed hair……..they talk loudly and guffaws of laughter fill the air….I squirm…..and hold my Celine bag tighter to myself….how uncouth and uneducated these women are….and is that a smile on their faces devoid of makeup…..
Perhaps it is….but how would I know….I am livid….the plumber installed the wrong colour of faucet in my marble bathroom…..the colour is all wrong in my bathroom….it had interfered with ying and.yang… Is that why I am livid….
For I must be livid….I don’t know why….. I just have this strange feeling that I ought to be….. No I am angry at something
I have been angry for so long I no longer need a reason..
Compared to those children and those women my easy life and privileges validate my anger
I walk around annoyed at world….. I think….


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