My friend looks exhausted
No she does…..she covers it up with a nice smile and her face is immaculately made up
She looks gorgeous and composed as she sucks on an olive from her glass of Martini Rosso….

I think a martini is liked more for the flare with which it is served more than the taste
It definitely is not due to the quantity…that flute shaped glass and then the red liquid is splashed at the bottom…one gulp would finish it but you sip it and draw it out.

An olive nested in the liquid gives it this look….just like in the movies
And the waiter must bring it with just the right attitude

Male waiters ……the white crisp shirt and black trousers…..
The tray balanced just right and with this one flute shaped glass…..i literally hear jazz tones straining in the air…

This always brings a picture of this gorgeous African woman in a crimson red dress draped on the bonet of a red Peugeot. ….that should have been a martini advert….the car one….mmmm I always wondered what was on sale….the Peugeot or the woman. ……that’s a story for another day…..

But I digress
My friend absentmindedly chews on the olive and lifts the glass to her mouth
….she is holding the glass all wrong. ..I think to myself….now I know she is really stressed….my friend will on a good day give you a lecture on what glass should serve what and which glass is held how. …

Now she has this lost look on her face
“Do you think am a bad mother and wife”
Am taken a back. .I don’t know where this is leading so I sip my herbal tea and buy time (new year resolution – cut out coffee… hour and counting. ..I might finish a day at this rate)

I look at her….she lowers her glass and i see her pain

The guilt is killing me she says
I have taken leave from work and all i have done is slave away at home since my house help left for her holiday
I have cooked
I have cleaned I have fed babies I have screamed and dusted and i am just tired

And last night i lay in bed and wished I could take leave from my kids and hubby and now I feel lousy
Which mother or wife ever does that
I look at my friend and smile

“I too sometimes wish I could take leave from my kids sometimes…..heck sometimes one feels like I could take leave from life itself ”

That just makes you human.
She looks at me and smiles
She looks at her glass as of seeing it for the first time
She holds the stem and lifts the red liquid to her lips and smiles

And my friend is back her eyes sparkle as she tells me that she is doing take out for dinner
Her nanny is back tomorrow and the world is just as it should be
She orders one more martini in celebration and i do deserve a latte I think as I break my resolution
It’s hard work being a friend sometimes


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