Yeah it’s me again
I should live in the air….I would have an encyclopedia by now
So am now in KQ Business class. As you can imagine I am no longer the only African nor the only woman in this plane leave alone the business class…
I have counted not less than 5 women just in this small compartment and i feel this special pride at how well Kenyans generally but Kenyan women have done for themselves

So I have no story to tell right now other than to remind you to dream big
My seat mate in this business class is a well known Kenyan female politician
As you can imagine the prayers and dreams of that girl from Munga had never extended to sharing an 8 hour flight with a woman admire immensely
Perhaps that’s why I feel so comfortable talking to her
And don’t worry we have not discussed any important national issues
We just talked and giggled half the night away
Much like I used to do in my cubicle in high school
I dared to dream
Tonight I dare you to dream big….today am seated next to a great woman
Tomorrow I know a young girl will sit next to me and pen down her happiness at having sat next to a great woman…ME


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