The More things change the more they remain the same.
I am doing my parental duty so I sit patiently and try to occupy my mind. I wear this indulgent smile like many of the parents around me. Ours kids are screaming their heads off in excitement … daughter is riding the “Octopus” this multi-armed thing that spins one round and round….I have managed to escape today….the plan was mum must get on the octopus today….”mum…am younger than you and am not scared….” She says…..but the excitement in her eyes is palpable….I am truly tempted and I look on at the screaming children….a proud parent….to see that smile on the face….i will sacrifice anything for that….the joy of parenting…

A young mother with a stroller can barely lift her eyes from the stroller long enough to see anyone around her,,..,.her small bundle occupies her whole world…..oh to be a mother….to have the happiness of your children consume you to the exclusion of all else!!

I look away from my daughter long enough…..another four legged contraption….a walker….an elderly lady….her skin wrinkled…..reminds me of the soft folds of my grandma’s face…..she gingerly pushes the walker and shuffles slowly after it… obviously irritated young man walks next to her….he carries her bag….he dangles it carelessly on his left hand……

In his mind, this the last place he would rather be…walking in a mall…..carrying his ageing mother’s bag….because she is unable to carry it as she must push the walker to be able to move…..
The old lady stops and stares at the children playing….she looks at the young mother who barely sees the world passing by as her whole universe is consumed by her love for her child. she smiles tenderly… she looks at her son who stands by impatiently scowling at her…
“Mother …..please….”…. he gestures that they should move on… sure he has more important things like a football game or a drink with friends on a Sunday afternoon….
The old lady looks at us and slowly shakes her head as she slowly shuffles after her son who has already started walking away….

I smile as I look at my children and think of all the places I could have been now…’s a cold chilly morning….I think of my warm couch….but I know there is no where else I would rather be……but right here watching my daughters ecstatic face…….


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