of yam sellers

Am excited
I wake up with a song of gladness and thanks giving in my heart
GOD indeed and the universe have conspired to give me the greatest year yet
A Christmas saved and a first wives clubPatricia Nyaundi safeguarded
A Child reconciled with a parent…indeed there are those moments you are too fearful to pray and ask God for specifics
There are also those moments you also know that no matter how poetic your supplications they do not match his magnanimity in his blessings

So today I sit and ponder
I look at my children all three so different yet so alike….what poetry would I have possessed to ask for such perfection and beauty and precise detail

What have I prayed for this year
Good health
Great family
Great friendships.
And joy

I have received these in bounty
And much more
The wind that whispers to me sweet nothings
The sun rays that caress my skin as no masseuse could

Great successes and realised dreams I did not know I had dreamt
great friendships made and great personalities I would have read in History and civics met

He sent guardian angels who transcend the hours and traverse the distance to pen happy birthday day to me
And Okonkwo (the yam seller )
He who dropped Amalinze the cat found the time to patiently wait for the village crier to announce the new dawn and to sing happy birthday from across the valleys all the way from Umuofia
His rich baritone still rings in my ears and though Okonkwo hated his father Unoka for showing womanly tendencies by singing and playing the flute
This night
This special night he lay his manly cloak down to sing me happy birthday
I still hear the strains of the flute as it fades into the Umuofia forest.


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