I am learning a new language
So the words are coming fast and furious but some are embedded in your memory especially if they find every day application

I chose to call words like that “word of the day”
Today the word is “koko” I learnt it means something that scares the daylight out of you..the example I was given by my personal tutor is an ogre

Now I don’t know how many ogre stories you read but I read many. . I still have this picture in my mind …one eyed monster thick lips big flappy ears….and they would chase me in my dreams.. …and I was lucky to awaken before it caught up with me…

As I have grown up I have different images of “koko”….all of us do…they chase us through life and define our every moment
Okonkwo’s koko was the fear of poverty and that he may fall short of the image of the total African Man

Poverty and fear of femininity chased Okonkwo through life.. .
Eventually they killed him…
Okonkwo committed suicide….after cutting down a traitor with his machete…the traitor had beaten Okonkwo and other elders and shaved their heads while they were in the white man’s jail
Any self respecting man in Okonkwo’s estimation would cut down such a traitor
But such action also attracted certain death by hanging at Emuru
To let yourself be hanged by the white man would have been unmanly
So Okonkwo took matters in his own hands and took the pleasure from the white man….
Okonkwo knew his “koko ” and ran but the koko was nasty
Caught up with him and killed him
What’s your koko?
Be careful how you deal with it
I am now wiser


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