old ….like Rome

Rome is a very old City
The walls of the Vatican across the street from my hotel “Alimandi Vaticano” rise dark and strong and graceful against the White blanketing mist. The Marble walls of the Alimandi blending easily with the old walls of the Vatican…the old and the new as one.
I feel the silky softness of the white sheets as I lay in bed and stare at gloomy sky out my window….the white mist feels comforting…
This City with its contradictions and beauty reminds me of my dads mum “Tandi”
She (was) is an epic woman…light skinned with the softest wrinkles and the soft white (not grey) hair.
I remember her soft earlobes stretched impossibly and hanging loose to her shoulders(she told me in their day the lobes would be stretched with different sized wooden logs to make them hang like that….if that is beauty….I chose to pass….she put the fear of ear-piercing in me…I did not do mine till I was eighteen!)
The result though was amazing …the softest and coolest(the lobe was always cool to the touch) lobe hanging 4 inches to her shoulder.
I would put my face against her soft wrinkled face and against the coolness of the lobe…..ohh the silky feel…for a moment the white silk pillow on my bed is my grandmas softly wrinkled face and I feel the cool earlobe….
The old Vatican wall now resembles my grandmas earth….the old musky smell …as she bends forward to stoke the fire and regale us with stories of “Kamankura”… I playfully pull on her soft lobe and twine my finger round and round to see how far it will stretch…
My grandma like Rome is timeless…the light skin and soft silky hair …I see it everyday as I look at my beautiful daughter Tatiana and my grandma seamlessly blends into my daughter….the old and the new….


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