she loved and lost

For she has loved
Lost a love and loved again and lived to smile and tell.
The agony of it all
She questioned her worth when he got up and left and went to another
Another but one that she could not compete with
For that which he left her for was not human….if it was not another woman….if it was perhaps she could up her game….lose a little weight.. perhaps some make up….new clothes…
But she grapples as she does not know against what she competes…she is desolate… unwanted …..unloved
But she loves again
He stealthily but surely steals her heart.. his breath against her skin is like a caress… .his soft touch like the feel of dew against her skin. …cold and promising

She smiles but is afraid to open her tightly closed eyes for to do so might kill the fleeting feeling of love

But the urge to wake up and experience the love is overwhelming
And she opens her dark pupils and stares into his deep brown liquid eyes

Darling I love you… I want to be all that you dream of in a man
And she smiles. A sweet but sad smile
For she knows for now she is happy for she has dared to love again
For she has loved; lost love and loved again
But love is always a new experience not to be compared .
Dare to love and lose for in losing love you find true love and happiness


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