stand out

I stand out and i realise just how special I am
In an Alitalia flight to Rome from Copenhagen. I am the only black woman in the flight…a black and a woman…such special tributes
My smooth Ebony shiny skin (MAC Matting lotion won’t take away the shine!) And #Afrokinky hair unmissable in the huge plane.
We climb up beyond the gloomy clouds and rain and lo and behold the sun and clear blue sky
The clouds now a white even carpet below us
Am listening to nice Rhumba music and for the three hour flight I was in my backyard in Meru at the foot of Mt Kenya and i was running barefoot on the white clouds (somehow they have turned into lush green carpet like the KIKUYU grass that grew outside our house)
I am in two world’s at one…in Europe with all the privileges it brings (the scent of joop assaults my nostrils and i can still feel the cheese and wine I have just taken on the flight) but my soul is roaming free in Africa. ..I see my mother smiling at the the kitchen door …the tears from the smoke just visible in her eyes and the scent of joop mingles with the sweet smell of green grass and cattle droppings. And we have commenced our descent into Rome. The weather forecast rainy and cloudy but my mind swirls with clear sunshine and i am warm


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