The 3 Females

We are three of us: me, myself and Binti,,
Meet me , yeah this is me. I can’t remember how long I have known me. But she seems to have always been there from as long as I can remember. Through the years we have become very intimate. Its almost like we are part of the same whole. Me runs a lounge I town, no not an entertain lounge, though one hour in Me’s lounge is more entertaining and sometimes more intoxicating than spending a whole night in a sun downer lounge!
No, Me runs a therapy lounge. It’s an exclusive lounge, where high class well adjusted upright and respected women with indescribable problems(some real some imagined ) meet to distress.

Women pay top dollar and go through a rigorous vetting process to join the lounge. There is a long wait list of women hoping to join the lounge while some who Have failed to adhere to the strict code have been dishonourably discharged.

Welcome to the lounge, but first,

Let me introduce you to I!
I am a well renowned female divorce lawyer here in town. When I say renowned, I mean just that. I am yet to lose a case. I am sought after and I charge a premium fee for my services. I don’t discriminate and I will take up matters for both men and women. The race is always who gets to my office first and who will pay top dollar for my services. Like the woman on the phone now.
I was expecting her call,well to tell you the truth, I was expecting hers or the husbands. Their marriage, or the problem with their marriage has made headlines in the last one week. There have been accusations and counter accusations, threats have been made, pages of newspapers bought and filled with stories from both sides. I knew it was just a matter of time before one of them came looking for me. In this instance, I really did not care who got to me first. They both could afford me, they both felt wronged by the other, and both of them were ready to call it quits!

What a walkover, a stroll in the park really, my role will be to walk my client through the motions with as much dignity as possible, (if that is still possible with the photos doing the rounds) and safeguard as much of the property as possible.
For these two, it would be easy to get orders for them and put an end to an already dead albeit volatile Union.
Oh and I almost forgot, there are two issues to the marriage, what an inconvenience, really. Children complicate even the simplest of cases!
So in this case, I am glad the woman got to me first. With kids involved you never know, its not always easy to secure custody for men and I do not want to smudge my otherwise perfect reputation of not losing cases.

My intercom buzzes and my secretary announces the arrival of Lucia, my soon to be client. Some clients are shown the door to the office, others are escorted by the secretary to my office, others like Lucia I personally meet at the reception.
Do you have those mornings with premonitions that “today is one of those days that the Lord has made”, those mornings you know something life changing will happen to you and you dress for the occasion?
I have many of those and I have learnt to trust my intuition. So today, I am appropriately dressed. My dark red skirt suit and my black patent leather Clarks shoes are just what I need to this meeting. The subtle scent of the Channel perfume I dubbed on this morning complements the picture the power picture. I look at my immaculate dark red nail extensions and quickly moisturise my hands and put a dab of perfume on my hands. Everything must be perfect, even the handshake and the scent I will leave on her hands must leave her in no doubt that I am her best bet in the matter. Reputation brings the clients to you, image keeps them with you.

I quickly straighten my desk and align the chairs around the intimate Meeting desk in my office. With one last look at my office, I walk briskly to the front desk to meet my client. My signature smile in place, a well manicured hand extended, I face my client across the expansive reception area.

My client stands near the door nervously looking around the huge office area. I see she is suitably impressed and intimidated by my office I think. As she should be, the cost to achieve the look!,,

Welcome into the chambers of I & Associates, faceless, and shiny silver, brass and metal furnishings, and black and grey walls, bright lights pooling lights from the ceilings. One barely sees the person sitting next to them in the plush black leather couches. The darkness is broken by deep red paint on the columns around the reception. A deep red couch, much like the one found the psychologist office is to the right as one walks into the office. On the left black and grey silk couch dominates.

On one side, a coffee making station, with white mugs and silvers flasks and cutlery. Bowls of fruits, apples and grapes on the glass and silver coffee tables placed next to the Couches. The dark walls are dotted with expensive looking abstract paintings in deep colours, deep red, royal blue, deep purple and orange.

The office has this intimidating effect the very first time a client or lawyer opponent walks in and that works to my advantage.
The client stands uncertainly near the entrance. She seems not to notice my out stretched hand as I approach her and she gasps audibly when I gently touch Her hand.

I try to hide my shock as I size her up. Lucia, the well known business woman who instils fear in her business rivals is small in stature. She is impeccably dressed of course and I like her immediately. She is wearing an expensive looking yellow dress, and her black handbag….well, let’s just say it’s one of those, that only a woman with fine tastes inbags and one not counting coins can afford.

Ooh we will have such fun with this one!
A woman after my own heart. Despite the rumours and stories, Lucia carries herself regally. She is not intimidated by my office I now see, she is suitably impressed.

I love your office, you will represent me!
What do I need to do and when can we start. I presume you need a deposit. Would ten million shillings do as a retainer?
I expect you to bill me once you have an inventory of my assets and the complexity of the matter I expect.
I am used to lawyer jargon, from my business lawyers as you can expect, but this is the first time I have dealt with a family lawyer and the stakes are high.
I am told you are best. I expect to win so money is no object.
My name is Lucia and you are I.
She looks up to me with the brightest smile as she extends her manicured hand to firmly shake mine. This was delivered in a monologue…..a woman used to being listened to and giving orders.

Well…….I am a little speechless….not a common occurrence by the way. I quickly recover my wits and shake her extended hand.
Firm handshake to another….two worthy opponents sizing each other up. This will be so much fun!
I think as I lead my client back to my office. My PA Joyce can do two things: she reads minds…at least my mind and smell money from a mile away.
When we get back to my office, I find the meeting tables laid with our best silvers and fruit bitings, nuts, sparkling water, and fresh juice.

Joyce quietly pours the juice and water and retreats to her office next to mine. She knows I will call her if I need her. I also do not have to ask her to hold all calls….she knows this will be a long morning and probably one of the most productive.
This is I, welcome to my world!

And then there’s Binti,.
Binti is well for lack of better words a do gooder. Binti too is a female lawyer in this town. Now unlike I, Binti takes matters for the most down trodden of the community. She is a pro bono lawyer, she specialises in family matters. Binti and I have found ourselves on different sides of the same cases with sometimes devastating effects. Binti is one female lawyer I dread to go against, she gives me sleepless nights.


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