The animal dance

The animal dance continues
I swear i don’t understand how that waist is moving….well it’s a waist or that’s where a waist must have been at some point

Undulating hills and valleys … rolling gullies….

Softly rounded hills….ant hills I think…it’s a little dark in the dimly lit lounge…well ….lounge for lack of a better word to describe it

The music loudly drowns even my thoughts.’s so loud I cannot taste my food
Though I think the lack of taste has nothing to do with the loud music. ..why on earth did I order goat in Kisumu!
The goat must have fed on either fish or hyacinth from the lake.
I think they use goats to reduce the weed! #justiceforlakevictoria efforts continue I guess….get rid of hyacinth at all costs

But back to the dance….on the rough floor.. a couple dances vigorously to ohangla
The gentleman. ..the one of no waist and gently rolling hill ….which he vigorously shakes in time to the music
The lady …painfully thin…white tight trousers hug her already thin legs

She too shakes and stumps to the beat…mmm is that how they dance here?

I think I will change my order to fish…the music is no longer as loud and
I think I will taste the fish


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