The Beast

This beast….the white beast..full of contradictions….it’s soft…white and fuzzy and huggable….like a sweet teddy bear…the pink nose…Red paws….it’s white paws open wide invitingly. I could bury myself in its warmth……I snuggle deeper into the deep plush cream coloured seats….

The country side rushes past.. .
The white fuzzy softness contradicts sharply with the muscle strength….the dark shiny sinewy muscle ….grip the steering wheel. . The dark leathery cover …wrapped intimately around the wheel….it’s so real. . If I look closely I see the dark pores… the dark leather grips the wheel…what beauty!

Black really is beautiful…..the muscles ripple and gleam as the beast eats up the distance..

Wow the power… the utter power…..i feel totally and joyously helpless. ….this is how the Victorian ladies must have felt like….all helpless and faint… as they surrendered themselves to the utter and absolute power of the knight in shining armour!

All I need is my fancy little fan and a tight corset long flowing ball gown…I would have looked great in royal purple…with white frills and a small fancy white bonnet!
And I will be attending my first ball with this handsome. ….incredibly strong knight…the LAND CRUISER V8. Am in love…i want this car… I want to be utterly consumed by its beauty


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