the toilet cleaner

Did you see her?
Did you notice her? I did…she stood slightly hidden by the door that you rudely and urgently swung as you got into her office. …
I saw her and if you care to look next time you will see her…
Dark blue suit…I’ll fitting….and yellow rubber gloves on her hands…
Her tools of trade clasped in her gloved hands..
The hands she requires to perform the delicate operation that you and I rely on…
I don’t see her….you don’t see her….but we expect….nay.. we demand that she offers her services without failure…

I did not notice the receptionist ….Did you see one?
Did you in your feeling of sense of entitlement think to knock as you got into her office?

You see…I also did not knock….in fact until today I had never really seen her. .
I had seen the blue overall; the yellow gloves the wooden mop and the blue bucket
But i had never really seen her
So today I reminded myself to see her….so I did
And as I have her a 200 shillings note, she smiled
The smiles lights up her face she is beautiful
She says thank you
I smile back and dash back into my office
Two women with families to feed and offices to run
She in the ladies toilet cleaning after your every mess
And I behind my oval desk and black swivel chair
I smile as I sit down and hope the smile transforms my face


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