This african beat!

This african dance
I feel it in my bones….I have never danced in a clearing in the middle of an African forest
But I have been there …i have lived the dance

In the village square….dimly lit with African open fires…smoke lazily rising mingling with the sinking golden rays of the African evening
Young men and women adorned in their colourful outfits…

Barefoot their dark Ebony skin richly oiled in animal fat gleaming in the fading light.. (the scents ……the rich smells of burning wood; dust, softly trampled grass mingling with the think scent of the animal fat….I inhale deeply….)

The feet of the dancers barely touching the ground
They jump and gyrate their bodies
The dance seems to have a life if it’s own
The dust rises to the sky
Young children clap their fingers in glee the older generation smile in fond memories of their dance

The drums beat thickly ….the movements are frenzied ….the lithe sinewy bodies cast long shadows on the ground
The open fire adding shadows and rhythm to the movements

My foot tapping to the beat….and I snap my fingers as I sway my body
My shadow easily mingles with those of the village dancers

My patent leather boot making staccato beat in time with the drums…I sway and tap my fingers..
The rhythm changes…

I open my eyes
The gleeful laughter giving way to the hooting vehicles around me
The dancing lithe feet slow down… the movements sluggish heavy feet clad in shoes of all shapes and sizes as they trudge down Mbagathi road
The morning shrouded in white mist and i l listen to ohangla belting from the cab radio and smile
I wonder whether I will make it to the airport….the traffic


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