this is me

Do you ever look at yourself and you don’t recognise the face looking back at you?
I do sometimes….
It’s almost like I spectate on certain aspects of my life….then I drift off and it is as if I have several lives….as if I have lived several lifetimes.

And other times I look into my eyes and I don’t recognise myself. ..
The sense of newness and wonder. ..
A childlike anticipation as my heart
skips a beat
I do a mental jig….I can barely contain myself as I wait upon lives mysteries…
My face glows….
My smile is radiant….
I can barely wait to live… experience the newness of things and feel things I had hitherto forgotten…
Is life not beautiful…the more you live the more you discover you have not lived….
To life
To new friendships
To experiencing the old anew…
This is me….an enigma even to myself…
Am told am a piece of work


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