To live is to love?

It’s easy to see why in the battle between love and life, life almost always triumphs!
I do not mean the pure love that is the human essence
That which is humans true likeness to God!
Not that one but the physical emotional feeling one human feels for fellow humans….
Husband to wife
Parents to children
Sibling to sibling
Friend to another

A wise friend of mine says that, that kind of love is the sum total of what remains after life has happened
Life is the bills that must be paid…….ask any parenting couple….love does struggle against school fees in January. A joke is told that you can know a married couple in January. …it’s that couple next to you not talking to each other. . Truth be told…that couple could be you…

Life is the unfairness (perceived or real) where one party feels that life’s unfair burden (bills, career, time with children, allocation of roles and responsibilities) weigh more heavily on one party

Life is the feeling of being totally misunderstood and under appreciated -the teen who feels misunderstood, the father feeling the weight of societal expectations, the wife quietly and stoically carrying the family burden,….

You see love stands little chance against life unless life is acknowledged, and addressed to the satisfaction of parties involved otherwise love becomes a luxury in the hard currency that is life and only very few do get to experience it and hold on to it


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