Uganda dance

Am at the Uganda national theatre and there are these little girls and boys dancing. …traditional Uganda songs…the kids are incredible….
They do not have fancy ballet outfits..but the choreography… and they are flexible

The clothing…has seen better days..they look a little ragtag but the blissful look on their faces as they dance…they shake; they rattle…do they have no bones?
No waists. .

Of course they do
Do you see me…in my yellow and green choir tunic?
The choir practice in church is my best day ever….see how I jump…and I have this red and black frill ribbon on my head…see it keeps sliding off since I have no hair….I feel no shame picking it up and donning it on again. …I don’t miss a step….that’s how good I am

The tunic is a little short but it’s the best we can do now
The Bishop is coming tomorrow and today I must impress my choir teacher so that I may be selected to approach the Bishop and dance in front of everyone else

This is no mean feat…it requires practice…i must gyrate better than everyone else.. I must jump higher than every one…for effect I added a reed skirt (kibaiya ) today
The skirt barely touches my hips as I twirl and turn…I can see myself tomorrow in front of the Bishop….no one does this better than I

Like the girls here…I am shoeless…that helps in the agility….this time I am dancing for the Bishop nothing will stand between me and my dream

And when I finally made my way out of the line and stood in front of the Bishop nothing else mattered…my tunic was no longer short.. my reed skirt twirled and jerked my feet had a mind of their own….the smile on my face as I bent to pick the errant ribbon rivalled these kids smile….I love dance


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