Uganda then and now

Makerere University… barely make it out from the confusion in this city….but still holds fond memories of college days

How times have changed
Last time we came in a campus Bus…a bus load of excited law students barely out of our teens…
The journey from Nairobi was legendary….we never slept….all the way

I am seated at the back seat of the 62 seater college bus…loud voices as each of us competes to be heard….laughter …some a little tipsy. ..well some not so little….we are liberal with the 5 litre gallons of punch…how did these cups survive the journey…you cannot lose yours to do so would mean to miss the punch…

We make Busia past the allowed time and we cannot cross the border. ..really!!! This is so unfair…hours wasted on the Kenyan soil…

The disappointment is short lived….we have a new town ..though small to discover and conquer…Busia here we come

We literally bribe the driver to watch our bags…not that it mattered there is nothing to steal from the racksacks….in fact none of the guys have a bag…one jeans T-shirt and sweater was all they need….the jeans are in fact already brown in colour ….this is end of Semester.. the jeans have been worn through out

The racksacks for the ladies is all the luggage in the bus so the driver agrees to watch them… in exchange for a sachet of richot when we come back..

We hit Busia and head to the happening joint in Town….it’s a corrugated iron structure….the floor must have been plastered at some point…..well I believe so because there are still a few patches of concrete here and there….the dusty floor is packed to capacity though. .few wooden tables form a circle….leaving a deeply potholed dance floor in the middle….the music is a little strange and we join the gyrating mass on the “dance floor”

You see the idea is to dance the whole night and take only one bottle of Soda….it’s all we can afford
Busia was not planned…it’s denting our Kampala kitty….

In the wee hours of the morning we leave the joint…..we need to freshen up before we leave for Makerere ….it will not do to appear there looking unkempt….it is times like these I envy being a guy….they walk straight from the bar to the bus without a care in the world

We speak nicely to a waitress who let’s us have one room for 200 shillings
One room to be used by 16 girls….really!!
The room has a narrow cot. …3×6 and an old blanket on it….it’s hard to tell the colour…the trick is to ensure that neither you nor your clothes come into contact with that bed or the blanket otherwise bedbugs will be your least worry.

We take turns on the cracked sink…yellow in colour… and wash our faces….a small make up mirror is passed round…a lipstick and eye pencil appear as if by magic from people’s pockets and soon we are all made up….Kampala here we come….Makerere here we come…..

Yeah it’s a little sad to drive by in this air conditioned van…tinted windows closed to the noise and dust. I smile …..
Makerere those many years ago was fun. ….did I mention we never slept for three days….Angenoir was our Suite….the music to kill for…the Company amazing and the energy levels….wow…..and yeah we gatecrashed a royal wedding….such fun to have the bride serve us on her knees…..though one could see the look of confusion on her face….she must have thought she married into the wrong family with in laws who attend weddings in jeans and T shirt but what fun that was !!!!


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