You deserve the best

I guess by now you know I am airborne
That’s when I get these great urges to pen my thoughts
As I sit in Alitalia flight KL 3404 business class from Fiumicino Rome(did you know that’s the name of the Rome international airport!)…why have simple names like JKIA Wilson Eldoret etc when you could have a flowery name like “the zebu” am trying to think of something indigenous to Kenya though I hear a gene of the Masai might have been patented out of the Country…..hard to keep track of these patents of not just original Kenyan products…but seems even of our DNA…remember the kiondo?
But I digress
So in this Alitalia flight we are 3 in the business class and yes ….you guessed right…..I am the only African and an African woman in the whole flight and of course in the business class
As I sip the red Chianti wine and savor the soft cheese I smile…..deep reflective smile
When I prayed to God to open doors for me as I grew up in Meru and ran barefoot 4km everyday to and from Munga Primary school (I am willing to bet my remaining euros few of you have heard of it!)
I prayed to God to take me to Alliance Girls.. then I prayed for a job where I get to travel
By airplane but I never got to asking for a business ticket from God
I thought Economy was all I could ask of him afraid I might look ungrateful and lose even that

I have finished my meal now and they are clearing…in business no plastic cups and papers….no its real knives and forks
But again I digress
Alitalia flight …..those in economy do not know they serve Lomonchello Boniface Kinyanjui….
So i asked God for a plane ride…..and he has given me business class the last few years
I was afraid to dream and in that I limited my God
Dare to dream….don’t ask for a car ride … why not go all the way and ask God for a plane. ..I have just done so….and those coming to my daughters wedding. …I will pick you from Wilson. … I have just about 25 years to prepare… I suspect by then a plane will be the least of my prayers
Join me and ask for the best….for you deserve it


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