The death of humanity

The death of humanityThe white bleak walls of the theatre. The single light….a bright bulb in the middle of the ceiling cast a bright glare. Another even brighter light illuminated the person lying on the theatre table. The surgeons in their green scrubs worked in unison…deftly cutting and slicing.

The nurse with the blue cap on her head dabbed at the surgeons blow…to stem the flow of sweat.

I observe all these from my vantage point where I sit cross legged just above the theatre table, I am suspended in thin air..hovering above my body that lies on the operating table.

This is where I got suspended when they put the rest of me to sleep….. when the anaesthetist fastened the mask to my face. So while my body lies helpless and sliced open on the table….I get the opportunity to observe firsthand as the doctors race to save me from a certain death.

I almost feel sorry for them. They have been at it for almost six hours now. Cutting, slicing, sawing…..muscles, bones and sinew trying hard to avoid the blood vessels

I watch with a clinical detachment…almost unfeeling, uncaring. I am removed as if the body and my mind that floats over the table were never ones one and the same thing.

As they splice open my heart, I grimace a little. Then a grit my teeth. I look at my feeble heart beating. Struggling to spread the bright red blood to the rest of the body. I look on as I see the deep cuts that run deep…..slowly draining the life force out of me. The doctors struggle to stem the floor. But alas…the wounds are too deep, too entrenched too widespread.

From my vintage point it is as if someone took a pen knife and aimlessly sliced through every part of my heart…

I smile sadly at the futility of the surgeons efforts….

Can they not see how deep the wounds are…

I watch as the last droplets of blood drain out of the now almost white vessel lying between the doctors…..

It’s tragic really. To watch the last of humanity…slowly lift out of the now lifeless and feebly pumping vessel and the now almost Lifeless body.

I am tempted to give in to the nice feeling that steals over my mind. That feeling….the temptation to take the easy way out….let the body rest….and sit here suspended over the theatre table for eternity.

The doctors refuse to give up…..they gently massage the now almost lifeless fist sized organ. Almost as an after thought….the feeble heart shudders and starts the irregular thrumming….

The doctors are excited …….they have not lost this one on the operating table…

I smile sadly….ohh how easy it would have been to slither away….

Ah well…

The medical team gives hearty congratulations to the surgeon. They fail to see the black jelly like tentacles that slowly fill the now pumping Heart.

Where there was red life giving blood….is now a black invading darkness….that flows and fills every space in the heart.

No! the medics do not see….but I do. I notice that my heart is slowly turning black….with dark thoughts…detached, emotionless, calculating….almost lifeless.

With a sigh…….I slither back into my now darkened body. Sad, disoriented, vengeful and hurt…a product of scars and wounds inflicted over time and sealed in by well meaning do gooders.

That is how humanity was lost…..


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