The blanket

​Let me tell you about a blanket….a blanket covers things….hides truths and embarrassing realities 

You know when I think of blankets I rarely see the usual blanket!

No i see an old stripped blanket…..the blanket is quite dirty. 

When I look closely I see pellets of mud hanging on the blanket…it’s also impossible to know the actual color.

It looks more brown than any other color….

I imagine that this blanket has a muddy smell….musky smell of age and dirt mingled together…

I see flies patching on the blanket…

The flies fly away as the old man who wears the blanket nonchalantly throws it over one shoulder 
I quickly look  away….rest i see the dirty brown naked body …..that is sure to be left exposed as the old man folds it further on the shoulder as he shoos at his cows….

The boys don’t avert their eyes 

They look at the old man and the dirty blanket and the dirty brown body and snicker.
What utter lack of respect…..I think to myself as I hurry into the school gate away from the offending blanket!

Life is about finding blankets to cover those embarrassing or sad moments in life…..

I would like to thank those who have been blankets to me in the past one year

Those that have stood by me

Those that have strained to cover my nakedness even when I throw them over one shoulder in my self sufficiency….or not….

The blanket may look dirty and may have pellets of mud

But that you offered was enough

Thank you for being part of my 2016

I hope I can rely on you to cover me against the snickers of the boys and the averted eyes of the girls in 2017

Happy 2017 to my family and friends


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