Rivers of blood

​The thump of the bullet as it hits flesh…the dull thump….liquid…yet solid as the bullets fly through the air….cutting cleanly and easily through the flesh and exiting to embed themselves on the walls on banks on each side of the river….the red flowing river…..once clear ….now gleams red…..malevolent…..

The bullets leave large gaping holes…..permanently etched in the wall ….implanted in the memories of the screaming men women and children as they struggle to escape the river….the blood bath…as they scramble to avoid the bullets flying from all directions.
The liquid pain….fluid…. as the bullet enters and exits through the body

The dull thud….as it encounters bone and cartridge but quickly turning liquid as the bone disintegrates…the bone marrow meshing with the blood and flowing thickly between the two river banks…..the green and white banks…..royal to different sides of the conflict…
The barrels of the guns flash in the bright light……reflecting dully on the red surface of the river

The liquid screams of the masses……and the gurgling chests of the soldiers torn open by the bullets
Liquid eyes…staring blankly….lifeless

And hands….liquid….the liquid blood….flowing between the Fingers….as they clutch at torn throats;

And bowels…..

And torn bodies 



The river banks 

One white 

One green

Soldiers….lined along the tarmac highway

Shooting at fleeing civilians

Reality of war and conflict 

I feel the fluidity and the liquid pain and Silent screams

And see the Lifeless eyes as I cross the street that must have one time flowed with blood…..

Does the blood ever stop flowing in Africa?


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