​The pegs!

She closes her eyes tight as the hammer is raised..  ! Again and again!

The sheer pain as the pegs are embedded deep within her.

She feels like they are embedded deep in her soul…

The rivulets of blood… as they swell round the peg….crimson bubbles….

Seeping out!

Draining the very life essence out of her!

She opens one eye…. one eye almost swollen shut from the pain…….the hammer comes down…..Thump!

She grimaces.. as the blow splutters droplets of blood on the wall….

The whitewashed walls…

The blood forms irregular patterns on the wall..

She forgets the pain as she follows the patterns of the bloods splurges in the wall…

She traces with her minds eye…..a red rose…. delicately bent as if struggling against the weight of the world….

A butterfly seems to rise from the depth of the wall…..the wings bright red…. . With white patches…..

She knows she is becoming delirious 

It’s her way of surviving the pain

The hammer takes on a rhythm of its own

She hears music… the thump of the drummers stick….as the Hammersmith  makes music with her body……  staccato……beats….

Her body sways to the rhythmic thump of the hammer …as it drives the pegs in.

The pegs which though painful are reminders of the Hammersmith……

Of the white canvas that has now been marked by her presence and her blood 

Her soul leaving a mark.. 

The music goes on…..thump! Thump!

Her body sways 

The painting goes on.. mingling with the blood and the pain…

And she reaches out..   


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